Icon for Alert Message

Can you use an Icon as an alert message? I would like to an icon as an alert (i.e. thumbs up or a happy face, etc… ) instead of current options that I am aware of.


well font awesome might help u a lot … use text element wit bbcode [fa] fa-apple [/fa] … for ref. on icon code check out font awesome site

well that’s my best insight with bubble… and execute it with condition or estate.


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Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this.

The pro version will allow you to show notifications in any color, icon or image you want!


ahhhhh sweet Ali. Thanks! I guess I need to spend more time shopping the plug ins.

You can have a look at the pro version here. Please note that this is a temporary demo website


Hi @AliFarahat,

Is the toasty plugin working? Since the demo page is not.

Thanks man.