Icon hover not showing clickable

This needs attention…with more than one user experiencing it, it should be considered even if it is “not reproducible”

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Just want to follow up on this…I’ve been experiencing much more frequently across various parts of my app when an icon that has a workflow attached doesn’t show on hover the ability to click the icon.

The good news is that when clicked the workflow is triggered and executed, but for a user, not being able to see that the icon is clicked, I’d assume they wouldn’t click it.

I’ve had luck in creating a new icon element on the same page and simply copying the workflow from the original icon that isn’t functioning correctly in terms of “on hover” to this new icon.

However, that is not something I’d want to be having to look out for as a consistent app maintenance need; to first spot the malfunction and then recreate what had been a properly functioning element.

Please help out on this.

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