ID Attribute not showing up in div-tag


I added an ID Attribute to a Text-Element. When I preview my app in the browser and inspect the Text-Element, the ID is not there.

If I add the ID manually with browser-debugging tools, custom css and everything is working. The ID is simply not rendered into the div-tag.

Anybody else having this issue? I know it worked some time ago just straigt ahead…

It works for me.
The structure of the html for the text looks like

<div id="your-id" class="bubble-element Text">
  <div class="content">your text here</div>

In the developers tool of the browser you can try document.getElementById('your-id') to see if there is actually an element with the id and reveal it in the inspector.

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Thanks a lot! In my hurry I overlooked the parent div, and the custom css-color is always overridden by the element. Works now.

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