Idea - Turn Off Error Checker Button

Can bubble just make us a button that will let us toggle the error checker. My large app is so difficult to use for some reason. It has been like this for months. I don’t know what changed but its hardly useable nowadays.

The only thing that helps, sort of, is turning off the error checker by adding &issues_off=true to the url.

Anyways, a little button that could toggle this on and off would be a nice feature, probably not too difficult to implement. Just an idea. Or… maybe speed up the editor so its not soooooo slow. ZzzZzz

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Have you tried to optimized the app? What is the size of the file when you make a Bubble backup app?

Have you tried on another computer? I can try on my machine to see if the response is also slow.

It is a very large app. Let me check the backup size. It’s 14.70 MB.

I did try optimizing already. I was afraid to do it but it seemed to work fine. I think I just made too large of a program for bubble. I should have split it up into pages instead of a one page app.

I’m using the fastest computer I can afford at the moment. I am wondering if upgrading my laptop would help. Also if it’s my internet speed.

I would be so disappointed though if I invest in a new laptop and spend more on internet if it’s not going to do the trick.

That was my second question, splitting. I got the same issue before. If you use Windows, reformat will help.

Ya. :confused: Thanks. I’m not on Windows. No need for formatting the hard drive.

I’m not sure that’s “large”. How much ram do u have in your dev machine? What browser do you use? I don’t see any of these issues.

(Chrome on win 10, latest, 32 Gigs of RAM [it’s a lot but that’s what it takes])

Please note: my editor will crash after a while when working on my production app. This is a known thing. The symptoms right before erroring out are the same – temp slowness, missing menus, etc. You basically know when things are going to crap out.

If you’re going from working to instantly not working… I think it’s your local machine. (Not to excuse that, but there IS a solution.)

32 GBs of RAM. Awe man. :sob: I guess I’m saving up for a :computer: MacBook Pro then.

Um, I guess I am now open again to freelance if anyone needs some work done. :wink: Got something to save up for.

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Hey Jason,

Probably not the overall size that is biting you – I’ve got one around 30mb on export and can edit reasonably well (still the occasional issue) on a mac with 8gb. What works for me in a spa is to have “panels” built as reusable elements, which are then dropped into a main page frame. This way you can edit things without loading the entire app.

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