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Ideable is looking for new team members!

Hey fellow Bubblers!

We are looking to bring more people into the team to support upcoming client projects, as well as the overall growth of &

:arrow_forward: A bit about us

Ideable* is a leading no-code agency founded in 2017 by Matt Mazzega :fr: and Vincent Krouwels :netherlands:.

Apart from client projects, we also work on internal tools and products like and, contributing in our own way to the expansion of no-code. Having this internal playground acts as an R&D lab that we can use internally for new ideas and apply in client projects

:medal_sports: 10+ no-code experts in PM, UI Design and Developer roles.

:white_check_mark: 50+ No-code apps delivered

:earth_africa: Fully remote

:man_technologist: Mostly use Bubble and Webflow but we are a full stack no-code agency not afraid to use code in projects!

:crown: Clients range from founders and startups to SMB and local governments

:palm_tree: Paid team meetings

:arrow_forward: Working with us

We have three types of roles in our team : Project Manager (PM), UI Specialist & Developer.

PM’s work directly with qualified clients from the scoping process until the delivery of the product. They are responsible for communication with the client through the project as well as managing the project team (UI specialist and developer) making sure the project meets the agreed scope and respects the timeline. As PM you receive a percentage of the overall fee.

UI Specialists are responsible for converting the wireframes into a customized Bubble UI interface using openBase as a framework. UI Specialists are paid per agreed sprint fees.

Developers are responsible for making the app work as they implement the database structure, connect dynamic data in the interface and create all workflows. Developers are paid per agreed sprint fees.

:arrow_forward: Join us as:

PM : Experienced Bubblers with good communication and management skills. Ideally, you have experience with developing Bubble apps for clients. Working with us, you’ll be in an entrepreneurial setting, managing and working on your projects autonomously but with full access to the Ideable* team support, processes & expertise.

UI Specialist : You are comfortable - or at least plan to be - with openBase. While you’ll always start your work from this framework, you have an eye for UI/UX and enjoy delivering unique and customized interfaces.

Developer : You are a Bubble Pro and ideally familiar with openBase, respecting its development principles while wanting to contribute in making that process better. You have autonomously built apps from A to Z. If something doesn’t work you won’t stop until it works. At the same time, you are comfortable reaching out for advice or help.

:arrow_forward: We are currently looking for

:point_right: PM - 2 openings. Apply here >

:point_right: Developer - 2 openings. Apply here >

:point_right: UI Specialists - 2 openings. Apply here >

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hey Bubblers :wave:

We are specifically looking for PMs for upcoming projects.

Interested? Apply here >

If you have any question about the role, feel free to contact me directly !