Ideable* is now Tinkso

Hey community :wave:

We’re excited to share with you our official rebranding from Ideable* to Tinkso. You can read all about the journey here. We will be slowly phasing out the ideable* name and need to make sure everyone still knows where to find us :stuck_out_tongue:

As no-code is maturing and Bubble takes center stage as the go-to stack for no-code product design and development, we are also updating and upgrading our identity to match.

As an agency we take pride in working with a vast array of clients (solo founders, smb’s, local governments to Fortune 500 companies) on robust, unique and meaningful products. Bubble makes all this possible and the future looks bright for no-code and Bubble. We felt the need to celebrate that with a new design and updated messaging. :partying_face:

We also continue the work on products to support the community, coming to you straight from real life experiences. Truly battle tested!

openBase - we’re updating our template as we speak, a full design overhaul in the new responsive editor, implementing already some best practices we learned from client projects.
If you want to build a multimillion :moneybag:startup, you can’t go wrong with our base template. One of our team members started working on their Prello startup last year and just raised 13M. :exploding_head:

openBuild - the first and largest UI builder for Bubble, currently completely free is going through a new responsive overhaul too. The new responsive requires a completely new way of working and we’re reworking that back into the product.

Hack-your-app - before it was cool :sunglasses: to hack your own app, we already pointed out the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. Especially, if you’re working with user data. We unfortunately see still a lot of bad examples (from well known apps and companies). So we cannot keep stressing enough to keep your app secure. Our little tool will help you audit your app for free.

And there is more exciting stuff coming through the pipelines this year!

Oh and yes, we practise what we preach and built the new agency website fully on the new Bubble responsive. :muscle: More on that later!