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Bubble Developer Spotlight: Matt Mazzega

Did you know that there’s an entire industry of professional Bubble Developers, either freelancing or working at Bubble agencies? It’s true, and they’re an impressive group of people (to put it lightly).

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Thanks for the interview and sharing this !


Wow the French Alps with only a population of 40 people!?! And strong internet!?! That’s unheard of here in the US. Most small rural areas here have very slow internet, not usable for Bubble and coaching sessions. @mattmazzega show a picture out your front door! Would love to see that! :blush:

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cool idea and interesting to find out more about other bubble devs!
respect for committing so early. it was very slow and buggy back then, I would have not dared the leap that early!
there was a hint of “this is a gamechanger” when i saw the first tutorials though.

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Challenge accepted, I share the view from the balcony instead. Where I felt sometimes I’m living in a mac or windows screensaver - depending the weather :wink:


Agree with you, it was buggy and slow, but at the end it was actually delivering a ‘real app’, not just a point-and-click mockup. Which was already highly rewarding and exciting for someone like me. A good example of an MVP (not sure if Bubble was considering itself at that stage in 2016 though) having the right set of features - even buggy - to fulfil its value proposition and convert its target users