Identify the last cell in a repeating group for a When condition?


How do I identify the last cell in a repeating group, so that I can show an item or set a work flow so “When the last item in the repeating show a button”?

Seems simple and would expect to say ‘when repeating-group:last item’, but this does not seem to be available.

What is the best way to do this?


Maybe something like
Current cell’s index = group items:count?
or similar (but you got the idea) on element’s conditional visibility, of course if that element is in the RG’s cell.

Great, thanks!

Gave me a few ideas. So what I ended up doing is creating a ‘Custom state (number)’ on the repeating group.

In my case I had 1 cell per page, so on each click on the [Next Button] I just added ‘+1’ to the custom state.

I then had a condition on two work-flows, When:

  1. "Custom state - Item:count < -1. Then custom state +1 and then show next cell
  2. "Custom state - Item:count >= -1. Then go to page xyz
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