Repeating Group Footer?

I have a repeating group that is setup to have 15 rows and uses pagination to show the next 15 or previous 15. That is working as expected.

What I can’t figure out is how how show a footer at the bottom of the repeating group (when on the last page). I have a header that shows when current cell’s index is 1. I also have a footer that shows when the current cells index is 15.

The header always works, and the footer works for every page but the last. The problem is if the last page has less than 15 records, then the footer doesn’t show since it isn’t the 15th index.

Does anyone know the logic on how to make the footer appear when the last page has less than 14 rows?

Hi Doug,

A potential solution you could implement is checking if the cell’s index matches the total count of the repeating group. This effectively grabs the last element of any repeating group.

Conditional Logic on element:
Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 11.11.57 am

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 11.11.36 am

You could implement this conditional on your footer element to display in the last cell of the repeating group.

Hopefully this resolves your issue.
Michael Cafra

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Hi Michael, thank you for the advice but I am running into an issue. Since I have the repeating group setup to show on the first 15 records, the current cell’s index is always 1-15 regardless of what page I am on.

For example, I have a repeating group that has 101 records in the group. Since my repeating group is setup to show only 15 records at a time, the current cell’s index is always 1-15. Page 1 shows the current cells index as 1-15, page 2 shows the current cells index as 1-15 and so on. When I get to page 7 (the last page), there are only 7 records remaining.

I expected the current cells index to go from 1 through 101, but it is just counts from 1-15 on each page. Is there a way to have it show the actual record number from 1-101 instead? If so, then I think your solution would work.


From one side u are able to use general count feature with your database to display as follows:

It goes as a number - so u can use it as maximum index number.

From other side the case upstairs have to work on each cell except last one in all repeating group (your case it will count as max =15) - just don’t forget to put mark on “this item is visible on page load” - because it’s “backward” condition :wink:

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