If Date/Time IS Current Day (12/22/2023) Problem

Hi all,

I have a field “Start” (DateTime) in my database.

Now I want to list all recordds, where
start = currentDATE(dayONLY)

Start is a datetime field. How do compare it to match the current day.

Record 1: “start” = “12/22/2023 05:17:36pm”
Record 2: “start” = “12/05/2023 01:11:22pm”
Record 3: “start” = “12/22/2023 9:10:30pm”

Today’s date: “12/22/2023”

If want to receive 2 records in this example.

Please help.

Hi there, @jupixy… you can do what you described by using two constraints.

Start >= Current date/time:rounded down to date
Start < Current date/time:rounded down to date +(days): 1


Next question:

Now I want to Format the diffence (in seconds) between END and START date/time.

I’ve coloured the formula yellow:

Currently I’m using “convertToSeconds” andI’ll get the difference in seconds:


(3 sec. difference in this eample).

Now I want to format the “(3)” in “dd:hh:mm:ss”.
could you help me with this please?

… “dd:” isn’t really important for me, but I need it in “hh:mm:ss”.


Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking or what you want to show in the dropdown.

I have a formula that calculates the diffenrence between 2 date/times and I get the result in seconds.

Now I don’t want to display the seconds to the user, e.g. “69 sec.”.
I want to present the result formatted in “0 day(s), 1 min., 9 sec.”

Hope you can understand it now :slight_smile:

Now I use:

DateTime2 - DateTime1 . formattedAsSeconds

And I want to use something like…:

DateTime2 - DateTime1 . formattedAsCustom(“xx day(s), xx min, xx sec.”)

I think a thread like this one should help you get there.

Can’t find the variable Current Options’s start/end again: