If your website does not load In Half a second then your doing it all wrong

I guess the title says it all. Speed is the new SEO. Check out this link below


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Thank you for starting this discussion.
I was for instance wondering if Bubble already use or plan on using server-side rendering ?
For instance airbnb developped something thy called “hypernova” (https://github.com/airbnb/hypernova). THis goes beyond my technical knowledge, but speed is indeed crucial for users, and having guarantees of high speed in Bubble would be great.

I have a very simple website that runs on Bubble, which is live (http://tasraison.fr/).
I tried the google speed test, and here are the results:

Results are clearly not bad, but there seems to be room for improvement, in particular by using compression and caching ?

@emmanuel : do you have general recommandation about increasing speed with bubble ?


@florent.bocquelet - Using a CDN like Cloudflare will help.

@andrew1 Did you use it with Bubble ?
Before using a third-party service, maybe some things can be done on our side ?

Very true. The thing is that we have seen our Bubble website working almost like the other websites. This usually happens in the night :frowning:
But most of the time it does not work according to our expectations


Yes speed seems to be an issue. I know the bubble team are optimizing the system day in and out when I compare my site to others I not happy. But to be fair not disappointed either.

Bubble is great and I got allot of love for it, but speed has to be a primary focus. I wonder what if the live sites can go into a CDN and maintain development in S3 or something.

Then again I. Not that technical

It goes through cloudfront, which is aws’s cdn

@emmanuel - Any thoughts on enabling HTML/JS/CSS minification, browser caching and gzip compression?

We’re already doing this.

@emmanuel - The Google Speed Test results published up top seem to show otherwise?


I must add that for now I do not experience speed issues. It could be faster, but it is not slow either.

Here is the detail fo the compression results:

If you want to see the full report you go here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftasraison.fr%2F&tab=desktop

@florent.bocquelet - Same, never had a problem with editor or sites - just wondering why speed test isn’t detecting the minify/compression stuff like it should? Could be a Google problem?


Seems, JS is being min’ed:


No compression though:


Not sure how much that would help though?

It seems caused mostly by plugins (analytics, share to any, …)
I just checked a website I have been working on using Wordpress
It has many different wordpress plugins, and shows up as being compressed (https://checkgzipcompression.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmissm-bijoux.fr%2F), so maybe something can be done here ? (again this goes beyond my technical skills, just asking)

@florent.bocquelet In general… anytime the page has to make a call to an external service to bring in data it needs to display, this can slow page load. I know there are things you can do on a technical level to keep the page loading while it waits for that stuff… but that’s as far as my tech knowledge goes.

I was wondering : when you use websites like airbnb or deliveroo, when you click to go another page, the current page stays and it only switch to the new page when enough content has been loaded.
In Bubble, when you click to go to another page, you directly get a blank page, which then load its content.
From a user point of view, the first one, while taking the same time to load, seems faster, and it greatly improve user’s experience.

@emmanuel is there a way to keep the current page displayed until the page to which we want to navigate is loaded “enough”, just as I described above ?

Might it be related to server-side rendering ?


That’s crazy I have been thinking same thing. Many websites do that especially admin panels where the left menu status in the same place. I know we can do that with groups but it other sites feel like they load another page while staying on the same page…

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Are you referring to something like turbolinks?


I am not aware of this particular one, but I was indeed refering to server-side rendering, which seems to be state-of-the-art for websites.

I don’t understand stuff like CDN etc. I use Bubble so that I don’t have to :slight_smile:, and as you all I love it. All I can say to the Bubble team is I really hope you can speed things up since my users complain about my apps being “down” and lag leading to lost database updates corrupts data in my databases. :heart_eyes: