Iframes and CORS blocked

I’m trying to embed an iframe on my bubble app. I’ve checked that the iframe works properly by setting up a websserver quickly, and I’m certain there is no problem with the iframe. On the element editor I can see the iframe loading correctly, it looks like this.

Screenshot from 2020-10-15 15-17-16

However when I go to "preview the iframe does not display at all. I opened up developer tools and I can see the iframe is clearly on the DOM.

When I look at the network however I can see that a request is blocked because of CORS.

I’ve used chrome, firefox and brave browser on my windows and ubuntu machine and I encounter the same problem. I’ve tried various extensions to allow cross origin requests with no luck.
However, when I use any browser on my macbook or iphone the iframe works properly.

Any ideas on what is causing this, or can someone give me asimple example of when they’ve gotten an iframe to work on bubble.io.

BTW, I did some reading I suspect the issue has something to do with polyfill and iframes

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