Ignore case when filtering

I have a filter function that allows users to start typing a name and the repeating group populate relevant results containing the typed input. It’s super slick… except for case sensitivity.
If I’m search the name Bob, and the name is stored as Bob in the Database, all is good - if I instead search BOB, no results will yield.

How can I force the filter to ignore case sensitivity when I’m doing typed filters?

Thank you!

Try using advanced filtering and make both uppercase.

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Thank you, I’ve given that a try, but there is no option to do an advanced filter with both as “uppercase”.
This is what I get an option for:

Ah, I didn’t realize that limitation. I think this should be a suitable workaround:
Add an expression of type text that is the input’s value: Uppercase.
Then you can amend your search to read “contains expression value”.

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Hi Ser,

Thank you - I’m certain that will work.
I was able to find a (albeit strange) way for this to work combining your tricks and tricks of my own.

I created an invisible input field behind the primary which “echos” the input from the user and makes it :uppercase.
Then using the filter, I was able to use the search :uppercase function — and it worked! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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