Ignore Empty Constraints Not Working


I am not sure if this is a bug or not but I am having issues with filtering lists. The main issue is that I am using dropdowns or multidrop elements to allow Users to select filters for the list, which works fine to my knowledge. The issue occurs when the dropdown or multiselect is empty. I have it set to ignore empty constraints, but for some reason it is not ignoring these constraints.

I have looked on the forum and found a variety of other people with this same issue in the past, but have not seen any solutions posted. Is there any known way to make this work?

Happy to post screenshots if needed.

Here are the other posts I saw about this:

Also, I did see this post about a new feature that was supposed to fix this, however I am still having this issue…

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Hi @openocean.tampa :wave:

You can add a condition in the conditional tab of your repeating group to check if any filter is beeing applied by your user. If users are not filtering at all (if your dropdown or multidrop elements is empty), change the source of this repeating group (make a search with no constraints)…

Knock on wood I haven’t had an issue. Try posting a screenshot of your search setup – might be something in there that’s amiss.

Hey @rpetribu!

Thanks for the help, it was a little more complicated for my case… I have a total of 5 filters (sort by, 3 different forms of multidrops, and a search bar) and they are all stored in a state on the repeating group. Then the repeating group had to have 11 different conditionals to change the data source based on which of these were empty or not, but it seems to be working now haha.

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