Ignor Empty Constraints On List Filter Not Working

I’m trying to understand why “ignore empty constraints” on a list filter is not working.

I have a list filter set up and on page load the filters i’m trying to apply are empty, but when you select one of them, it should populate the list based on the filter applied.

I can’t seem to get it to filter with more than 1 filter applied.

I get no results each time.

Anyone have any input?


Hi! I believe the same is happening to me, I have been trying to debug a problem and I think this is the cause of it.
I’m building a “voting” app and when the user inserts a vote the poll where he voted should disappear but It’s not working.
Maybe I will fill a bug report for this, you should do the same.

I had a bug report files for this and received some helpful information that I thought would be good to update here:

“While it may seem counterintuitive in this particular case, what you’re seeing is actually expected behavior. “Ignore empty constraints” refers to set inputs, such as dropdowns. For example, a dropdown will typically default to the placeholder option rather than an option of actual value. If a filter is set on that dropdown’s value, the “ignore empty constraint” option will allow the filter to ignore that empty dropdown value. States, on the other hand, have no real constraints. While your state’s list may be empty, it is not technically an empty constraint and will not be ignored.”


your search filter should be something like:
do a search for polls whose votes doesn’t contain this user — if you just want that user to not see polls they already voted on

however if you want all users to not see a poll that has votes already you should have a filter like
do a search for polls whose votes are empty

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@joao1997domingues if you want to learn more about setting up search results through filtering check out a post I created for bubble users to learn it faster than I did

It for me was a complex topic, but once I figured it out I have no problem filtering and sorting search results. It may take some time to read through it, but if you are serious about learning bubble and are getting stuck on search result filtering, I think it is the only free in depth “tutorial” on the subject. I know if was incredibly difficult for me to get any real help on the subject, which is why I created the post.

@JustinC you may want to consider the response about the bug report as an indication your approach to the filtering is not the appropriate way. I’ve replied to your other posts on the same topic, I hope you can find your way to the solution.


Hi @boston85719, thanks for your help, I will look at this again during the weekend and I’ll tell you if I can solve it!
Again, thanks for your incredible help, it’s what makes this forum amazing.

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