I'm looking for help implementing Finance.js on my website

Link to the website that offers this solution is:

All documentation is on Gitub:
(I have no idea how to put this on my website)

I need to do a GIANT series of financial calculations (PV, FV, PMT, i, n, IRR and others) that I usually do easily in Excel. The vast majority of cases I managed to solve with formulas, for simple and objective questions, but for a complex report, the amount of inputs and Math.js (plugin) that you have to use is so large that it becomes complex for maintenance and even for generating the calculus.

What I need is like a plugin. There’s one I use (Excel Financial Calculator), very good, but it’s incomplete (even in the PRO version). This plugin does not calculate the NPER (number of periods) or the RATE (“i” - interest rate).

What I need is for it to call in the input the result of the expression that looks like this:

#Total Number of Payments Type = Years 
// e.g., If principal is $20,000, rate is 7.5%, total number of payments is 5, and payment type is 0 (years), monthly payment is $400.76. 

[finance.AM](https://finance.am/)(20000, 7.5, 5, 0); 
=> 400.76 

#Total Number of Payments Type = Months 
// e.g.,If principal is $20,000, rate is 7.5%, total number of payments is 60, and payment type is 1 (months), monthly payment is $400.76. 

[finance.AM](https://finance.am/)(20000, 7.5, 60, 1); 
=> 400.76

It needs to be simple and fast. It can be through a call in the input or WorkFlows. Call is better that it doesn’t load the page every time it changes the calculation.
I’m right at the beginning, I’m on the free version and I can’t get out of place.

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