Complex Financial Calculations in Bubble

I have a client that is using a complex excel spreadsheet to do financial projections for clients…they want to convert this to a proper application.

I am looking at doing this in Bubble and saw 2 options:

  1. Convert the excel to google sheets and use apis to send inputs and retrieve outputs from Google sheets. The issue here is time taken for api calls as I would need to retrieve 100s of result fields to pull back into Bubble.

  2. Don’t use a a spreadsheet and use javascript to perform the financial calculations. The issue here is the spreadsheet is complex with many thousands of cells of inputs and many FV and NPV calculations.

Does anyone have experience with handling complex financial projections in Bubble?

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Hi @rosscorry

I have some experience with managing calculations in Bubble, although not particularly very complex. The kind of calculations that I have done include computing returns, compounded, annualized, rate of returns, etc - more inclined towards personal finance management.

I might be interested to work on this if you could provide some more details of the type of calculations you are expecting via a DM.

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Your description and context is too vague to make a recommendation but I’ve built a SaaS app doing something along the same lines.

Math.js is one way… check out the plugins
you can do some stuff in bubble
Google sheets api is one way but it has rate limits …

I ended up using this from @AliFarahat

If you think of math.js as the police then this is like SWAT

Great…thanks for the suggestion. Will take a look.

Hi @rosscorry - I know I am late to the game here, but curious what you discovered re: financial calculations in bubble?

The expressions plugin has been a huge help with the calculations themselves - but I am quite stuck when it comes to charting, especially projections with future value / compounding.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

I’d also love to hear the outcome of this @rosscorry ! any guidance is helpful.