I'm unable to receive "OneSignal Push Notifications" from Webviewgold in Android

Hi everybody!

My name is Luiz.

I’ve purchase the Webviewgold for Android and I also purchased the “Webviewgold OneSignal Push Plugin” for Bubble but I am unable to receive Push Notifications from Webviewgold in the Android device.
My Bubble application normally receives Push Notifications from OneSignal on a computer but not when I am using a mobile device wiht Webviewgold.
I think I need to modify something in Webviewgold for the user to receive the first notification from OneSignal to accept receiving other notifications.

In the dashboard of OneSignal I see information “No Push token” about users who are on mobile devices and I see he needs to allow receipt of notifications.

The Webviewgold support didn’t help me so far. Their responses must be robot responses because they are totally ineffective and do not help at all. :worried:

Can anyone help me please about it?

Thanks and regards.

Is the problem that the user is never prompted to allow notifications on Android?

Yes. :pensive:

hi, i trust you are well friend. Did you manage to solve this?