I'm using ChatGPT Toolkit (with streaming), Need help

Hey all,

I’m using ChatGPT Toolkit (with streaming) >> this one https://bubble.io/plugin/chatgpt-with-real-time-streaming-1670531100735x105135745568079870

I’m using 500 as the input token limit, leaving me with 3596 for the output. The output I wanna generate would go around +5000 words which goes far beyond the output token i.e. 3596.

Can you guys suggest any way I can get the response larger than the token limit?

ChatGPT will not generate 5000 words even if you ask it to. It’ll barely generate 1,000 words if you ask it to.

I’ve seen tools like koala.sh generate 4000 words of content in one go. Just wondering how these guys do it…?

It uses multiple prompts, then joins the responses together. For one of my client projects, this means providing the AI with each section of a document template, getting it to write each section using the content of the user’s knowledge base and the sections that came before it, then joining all of the sections.

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Any idea how would you run different prompts at the same time in the background and combine their output?

Backend workflow