Image aspect ratio (new responsive engine)

Not sure if im missing something, but is the new responsive engine “keep aspect ratio” setting for images not working properly? I see it automatically sets to w1 x h1 but it creats a square and ignores the images original height setting.

I solve this by plugging the actual width and height of the image in there.
Works for me every time


I guess I didnt understand exactly what to input into the w/h aspect values. That works perfectly, thanks @mirrowss

Man!! That’s gold! I was calculating the aspect ratio, but there’s always a decimal place on it, and that field doesn’t support it.
Placing the image dimension really does the trick.

I’ve been putting the image width/height too for the aspect ratio maintenance.

However, this is still a confusing and probably underdeveloped section of new responsive engine. This bit of entering image dimensions works only if the image dimensions are fixed. But more often than not if the images are uploaded by users, they don’t follow any specific dimension, and then it is not clear as to how to maintain aspect ratio of images in those cases.

I’ve played around a bit with different settings on width/height of image and the parent group, but haven’t really cracked it.

Any solution for that one?