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Why is image aspect ratio not being fixed?

Playing around with the responsive engine.

Any idea why the aspect ratio of this image is clearly wrong even though the “keep element aspect ratio fixed” checkbox is ticked?

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You’ve got it set to 1:1 - which looks correct as per your image (i.e. a perfect square).

Assuming you don’t want the image to be square you ned to set the correct ratio for width and height.

Thanks Adam

I did not set it to 1:1. This was the setting after the image was uploaded. I assumed that Bubble would adjust the ratio automatically after the image was uploaded.

Are you saying I have to manually set the ratio manually each time I upload an image?

P.S. The image is not square.

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Yes, it seems to set images to 1:1 by default when you select the ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ option.

I’m not sure if that’s the intended behaviour, nor if it always does that (I’m sure I’ve used it a few times when it hasn’t set to 1:1) - but in my brief testing just now it seems to.

So yeah, it looks like you have to set the width and height manually when you upload a picture if you want it to keep it’s aspect ratio.

Thanks Adam

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