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Image Best Practices

Im going to be using 4 images in a repeating group cell, below is an image of all four.

Im trying to find out what would be a best practice if I wanted to change the color of each image. For example image #1 is currently red and could have 5 possible colors, so could 2, 3 and 4.

I was considering changing the images (depending their status) by using an option set but for some reason it just doesn’t seem like creating and uploading 20 images would be a practical solution to be able to change each of these? The repeating group might become large as well with these in every cell.

Is there a better workflow I could use instead of having to create 20 different images?

No need to upload a lot of images, with a couple of shapes/groups, custom states and workflow a lot is possible:

I placed 4 shapes in a square and gave each shape a border roundness of 300 for 1 of the borders:

Second I placed a shape on top of the 4 other shapes with a border roundness of 300 for every border:

Based on a state, one or more shapes will change their background color:


After that is just a matter of setting a certain state through a workflow attached to the buttons:

Like you suggested, you can save the color combinations in option sets and through dynamic data set the color to the HEX-value in the option set.


@gerbertdelangen Whoa! this is incredibly amazing. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put this together and explain how it works I’m extremely grateful.

Again thank you I cant wait to try it. Using the 4 shapes and another on top with the roundness is a very nice trick for sure :grin: ! Thank you again.

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Wow, I don’t even care about this topic but your answer was so clever and detailed you deserve some sort of forum award! :trophy: :medal_sports:


Thanks man, to be honest it is partly based on one of the youtube-video’s from Gaby from Coaching No Code Apps. Check her channel at


I love Coaching No Code, Gaby is brilliant. :clap:

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