Image Blurry as Group Background

I have, so far, a single image that is blurry when rendered on a mobile device. My app is basically a landing page, but has multiple pages. The majority is images. On the first page there are about 5 images. All images are set up to be the background of a group element.

Not sure why, but only one image so far is blurry and it is only on a mobile device. On a desktop it looks fine.

I have read all forum threads about the issue of blurry images and it always seems to be focused on logos and requires converting the SVG.

What I am having issues with is not a logo, but an actual photograph. I don’t think converting all png and jpg to SVG is a good solution to the problem. Especially because if I am going to create an app that allows users to upload images, it would be burdensome and a bad user experience to be forced to convert images to SVG.

How do we get images to not upload and become blurry?

You are welcome.

I’m not sure if this is 100% related to my situation, as it is not the image element, but rather the group element. I don’t know anything about coding but I would assume the group element when using a background type of image is automatically uploading the image to Amazon S3, and would in essence be functioning like an HTML element would.

If I am completely wrong on that, my next question would be how to get an HTML to be the background of a group? Just place an HTML inside the group and expand it to same dimensions I guess might work.

Ultimately the problem seems like it is not every image either, yet all images were treated the same way before I uploaded them in regards to compression.

Hopefully they do get it fixed up. I suppose the funding round should speed up the implementation of fixes. Pretty excited to see how much better they can make everything.