Image list not appearing

Hello everyone,

I have a list of images for items and I would like to display the first image of each item in a repeating group. The problem is the images are not appearing and I have no clue why.

as you can see the images exist under image_list:

However this is how it looks when i open the data for some reason:

And this is what I get when i click on “see”

the code for displaying the image :

Finally, When I preview this is what I get, no image. Note that the item counter says 1 Item and I am able to click on the item and get the details, But the image is not visible.

Note that when there is only one image in the list, everything works just fine.

I would appreciate any help from the community!

Hey @mnwehbe2.718 :wave:

That can be frustrating for sure. It’s hard to know without looking at it.

However, the first thing I would check is your privacy settings. Are they set up properly?

first of all thanks alot for your reply!

I hope I understood you correctly. I changed my privacy from “block all frames” to “allow all iframes” as you can see here:

However, this hasn’t fixed the problem.

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Hey :wave:

When I say Privacy settings, I mean under the data tab. Then choose the Privacy settings tab. Let me know if you can find it. :blush:

oh alright my bad, I have no rules set under privacy.

Hmm. Maybe try removing first item from the repeating group to see if you can display the whole list first. That would be my next check. It looks like maybe the data source might not be set up correctly.

I checked trying different multi file up-loaders and played around with the coding. Eventually i traced down the root cause to be the following database error.

For some reason when i try to group multiple images in a list of images this error apears. However, when I only add a single image (using any of the methods I’ve tested for uploading images) the error disappears and the image appears in any repeating groups.

I am trying my best to find a solution and if I do ill make sure to post it on this thread. Meanwhile any help would be appreciated.

I found the solution and it is really simple. The workflow I used for saving the item images was simply done wrong hence uploaded pictures were not saved properly.

the wrong way to do it is to add all images to the image list at the same time.

The proper way to do it is the following: Add the images one by one to the workflow as shown below

When done that way, the xml file error disappears and the images appear in any repeating group.

I was able to find the solution in this video:


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