Repeating list with images (A better phrased question)

I don’t really have the bubble lingo down, so let me try to explain.

I have the database (ie :user) and in the database there is a field “images” that has a “field type” of image, and then check marked as a “list”.

And I want to display that list of current user’s images into a repeating group.

I cannot get this to work. And just recently found out it’s not an image issue because I can’t even get text from a database list to display in a repeating group. I have no problems pulling a single image from the list to display in an image container.

Okay so playing with it some more i found that if i add to “image A” Random Item it will show list of images, but sometimes they will repeat, and I don’t want that.

Also if I do :first item it will list the first item in all the repeating group slots, so I am thinking if i used something like :items untill# it would work but whenever i use this option nothing will display…i used the number 100…I don’t know how to use this function properly i guess

In the Repeating group instead of doing a “search for” do “current user’s collected art”
Then the image should be current cells collect art

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I did do that in some messing around, and i got the images to show in the list when i set the image display to :first item. But it listed first item in every slot. so then i tried :random item and it worked but was random, and also duplicated some.

I don’t think i am using the image display thing correctly.

The Image display should be “current cells image”

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PERFECT!!..Thank you so much…seriously

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