Image Marker Plugin - To mark the pin points of your images

Hi @aditya.rajak
Thank you! However I can’t see the data type “Marker” / ImageMarkerElement.
Should we build this ourselves or is this built-in or needs to be installed?
Sorry for the beginner question :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to build this. You can named it anything.

Hi @aditya.rajak
I just realised that you have posted the link to the editor:

Thanks so much this is extremely helpful!


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Happy to help you, please give rating and your valuable comments to the plugin page.

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@aditya.rajak I’ve made it run, thanks!
Is it possible to add a caption/more information (text, number,…) to the marker image?
I’d like to add the text that is stored together with the marker (X,Y,Coord, text <—) next to the marker.
Thanks, Pascal

Ya, that is definitely possible, I need to do some changes to it and that will done, you can then have the option to add some text to the marker. So, I would like to ask you, do you want the text to be displayed when the marker is clicked? or something else?


Hi @himanshu.s
That sounds very promising :slight_smile:
Optimal in my view would be if there were 3 options:

  1. text/label/caption that is added to the marker (no additional user interaction needed)
  2. text/label/caption on hover over marker
  3. text/label/caption on click on marker
    However, I would mostly need option 1, to have a label next to the marker without any further user interaction (just as additional information added to the marker).
    Thanks, Pascal

Hi @pascal, we can surely work on our plugin, so that it would be able to support the functionality like you asked in your option 1. Then the plugin would definitely have text/label/caption added to the marker itself.

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Hi @himanshu.s and @aditya.rajak
I wanted to ask I there is a way to have more then one marker for the same ImageMarker.
So the idea would be that based on some kind of logic different Marker Images would be used.
For example:
Radio Button value = 1 --> use image A
Radio Button value = 2 --> use image B
Just wanted to ask if this is possible with the current version.

Hi @pascal, It is not possible with the current version, but yes we can surely add this feature,

@pascal, We will need to update the plugins functionalities for your requirements.

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Hello guys, I need to have functionality to report different types of issues on site. I found your plug in practical for this purpose however I am having one issue. I need to represent each type of record with a different icon on the map depending on the type of issue reported (cleaning, spill, maintenance, etc). I have created a table called “incidents type” with the incident type and icon to represent it but the problem is that on load the icon is the same for all the records.

I have tried to do a workaround but I have been not able to complete it. My solution is that I created a dropbox and when a user selects that type of incident then the marker is replaced in the map for the specific icon that type of incident has, this kind of works but the problem is that the other icons don’t disappear if I change the data source, it stops displaying the information in the marker pop up but still displays the marker on the image.

I am happy to discuss this as a freelance paid upgrade . Thank you for your help

initial map with all markers:

When “maintenance” option is selected:

when “spills” is selected the previous filter icons “maintenance” are still visible, however if I click on any of those markers there is no data because is not sourcing that information anymore


Hi @marcobolanosb, Yes, this is possible. Let’s discuss more about it. Please message me.

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Hi there - I really need this functionality as well - is there any update on this?

hi! great plugin thanks!
I just have a quick question. When I zoom in the image and then create a marker, the marker is displayed but without taking into account the zoom and I need to refresh the page to see it correctly. I tried different elements (display data, reset data, …) but still the same issue…
Any idea? Is there a way to reset the zoom without refreshing the page?

Thank you for your help


i have the exact same problem, the background action will just not fire.
You found any workaround for this yet?

EDIT. seems like the background action to create a new marker isn’t working when the plugin is placed inside a group, it’s working just fine when it’s placed directly on the page but not in any group, sadly. Hope this can be fixed. Nonetheless a great plugin for free, thanks.

Why aren’t any markers showing on the demo page?

Hi @aditya.rajak,

I need the same functionality @marcobolanosb is describing. Are you willing to help with this?


Hey there @aditya.rajak

This plugin is awesome, but I have one issue. Is there any way to reset data in the image marker element?

I want to display different images from a repeating group in the image marker element (i.e. click image A in RG & only image A’s markers show in the element, click image B in RG & only image B’s markers show).

However, the element keeps the previous pictures markers and adds the new markers on top. Reset input / data actions don’t seem to work and I am out of ideas.

Any ideas?

Is there any way to measure distance between two markers? Or measure angle between three markers?