Need Plug-in - Image Marker

Hello Bubble Developers,

I’m in a need for a plugin on my Bubble project and I would like someone to develop a plug-in as follows:

See some examples on following link:

Following features wanted:

  • Saving coordinate values in database
  • Custom marker (pin) :round_pushpin:
  • Marker click and hover ability to ignite action
  • Multiple markers
  • Full Image mapping

For more information and offerings please contact me in PM.

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@kalinovic.nebojsa ZeroQode are the most prolific plugin developers. They have a place on their forum to request plugins

I’m interested in helping you however, I need a little more detail regarding what you need.

Please contact me and we can discuss the details ~ my Skype Id is and Email Id :-

Gabriel A

Hi Kalinovic,

Sounds like a fun project and something that is right up my alley of expertise.
I would be interested in developing this plugin for you.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes,

Is there any reason you’re not using the native capabilities of bubble? The jquery drag and drop element will provide you with the necessary coordinates which can be saved. I created this in my application for providing tooltips (reveal on hover and click) further information pertinent to an image displaying additional details. I’m not saying the plug-in route is not the way to go but I found this to be more than capable in a production environment.

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Hello @kalinovic.nebojsa,

Very happy to assist you.
According to mentioned your requirement you need to store marker values on database like dynamic marker. When user click on map then marker will showing on map and this will store in database.

If yes then please add on Skype then we will discuss further.My price is very reasonable. Please check my PM.


Hi @Bubbleboy Where can I find the information on how do do what you describe?