Image Marker Plugin - To mark the pin points of your images

It could be possible to take the X or Y values of both points and have a workflow deduct one value of the other. The difference would be the distance between both points.

How can we change the size of the marker?

Is this plugin discontinued?

I found a bug wherein, in laptop mode, image markers are all good, but in mobile, there is a bug that keeps refreshing the page when scrolled. (This bug is seen when there is image marker “markers” present on the image.)

Hi @rich1, We have not made any update on this but open to help you out. Please let me know if you still stuck on this.

Hi @shu.teopengco,

Thanks for reaching out. This plugin is continue working, Please share some screen shot so that I can check it closely.

Love this plugin, just started using it.

I don’t need the ability to annotate, but I’m using it for the ability to zoom and pan across the image.

How can I have the image zoomed in to a certain spot by default on page load?

Hi @VanV Yes, this is possible. Let’s discuss more about it. Please pm me.

Hi @marius, we can certainly work on your required feature. Let’s discuss more about it. Please PM me.

Hi @maru . Yes, this is possible. Let’s discuss more about it. Please message me.

Hi @gnelson , Yes, this is possible. Let’s discuss more about it. Please message me.

Great plugin. Could you please explain how to do this for me as well? thank you.

Hi @dev.admin, Kindly read the plugin description Properly. I have tried to write everything in the description.

Hi @aditya.rajak!

Thank you very much for this awesome plugin!

For some reason I couldn’t trigger any of my workflows using the “Click on background” event, it’s very wierd because I’m using the same version as in the editor example you provided (actually I tryed with each of the 5 versions released), I had to work around this placing my “Image Marker Element” inside a group and trigger my workflows when the group is clicked. Also, I ran into the same issue as @shu.teopengco did. In my mobile when I do press the group with the marker element inside, the page refresh itself.

It would be marvelous if this could be fix, I think in the future a lot of Bubblers will want to give it a try converting their bubble apps into mobile versions.

Thanks again!

Thanks, for the valuable feedback, but since the current version of image marker is not functional within the group, so for making it functional within the group we need to develop a script that will trigger the image marker functionality within a group. So If you are willing to have such feature you can pm me with the details.

Mmmmh I just test your plugin on demo version and no marker appear. Is it still functionnal ?

Hi @thibault.marty, this plugin is working, please follow all the mentioned steps to make it work.

If you have any query or issue at any certain point let me know.


Thank for your response.
I just tested the demo here and it doesn’t work. I’m following the instructions and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

What should I put in “type your Google Location”? I can make you a video to show you that nothing works on my side

The image marker plugin is in optimisation phase so, if you want to access it’s feature let us know about what feature you want, and then we can work out the things.

Olá, @aditya.rajak
Parabéns pelo plugin. Tenho apenas algumas sugestões que vão tornar o seu plugin muito melhor.

  • Possibilidade de usar “aparecer” ou não os botões de zoom e centralizar imagem. Deixar estas opções para o usuário.
  • Permitir usar num grupo repetidor com várias imagens mostradas “uma” por vez. Conforme avançamos para a próxima foto os marcadores deverão ser limpos e mostrados apenas os da foto sendo mostrada.
  • A possibilidade de numerar as marcações. Se caso numa imagem tenhamos 3 marcações, mostrar a numeração 1, 2 e 3 respectivamente. Também a opção do usuário na hora de configurar o plugin.
  • Se possível acertar o icone do mouse quando retorna dos botões centralizar, + e -. Não está voltando ao normal.

Muito obrigado pela iniciativa e a sua disposição para esclarecimentos.
Atenciosamente e no aguardo.


Hello, @aditya.rajak
Congratulations on the plugin. I have just a few suggestions that will make your plugin much better.

  • Possibility to use “appear” or not the zoom buttons and center the image. Leave these options to the user.
  • Allow to use in a repeater group with several images shown “one” at a time. As we move on to the next photo, the markers should be cleaned and shown only those in the photo being shown.
  • The possibility to number the markings. If in an image we have 3 markings, show the numbering 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Also the user option when configuring the plugin.
  • If possible, hit the mouse icon when returning from the center, + and - buttons. It is not returning to normal.

Thank you very much for the initiative and your willingness to clarify.
Sincerely and I await.


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