Image Marker Plugin - To mark the pin points of your images

there seems to be an issue in this plugin where changing the image marker’s data source doesn’t work until the page is reloaded, and that has to be done too for it to update when markers are removed. I’ve tried literaly everything, but it just doesn’t seem to work. if there’s anything you could do, I’d apreciate it. thanks

Yes sure we can have this functionality added to the plugin for more details please pm me.

Please can you describe your issue in more detail, and what feature of plugin you want to use please pm me.

Thanks for your suggestions, we will for sure try to implement them, and if you have any requirements for the plugin please pm me.

hi @aditya.rajak, I want to use your plugin but I have one problem. I tried your demo but it doesn’t show the marker, it only shows the pop up message that the coordinates have been saved, therefore I can’t get a grasp of your plug in functionality. Can I have a link to your working demo file for this plugin?

@samhim08, please check @lalitya.gita1 issue.

same issue here… marker does not show even in your demo page


Hi @aditya.rajak . Amazing plugin ! :slight_smile:
I was just wondering if it’s possible to put a dynamic image as a marker? (Ex: a circle, and the color can vary according to a value associated to the marker).
Thanks !

Yes, It is possible. Can we have a call on Saturday or sunday?

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Hi - great plugin, exactly what I need. BUT I’m having some issues on iOS (Safari & Chrome) where any kind of scroll on the page with the image marker prompts a full page reload. Any ideas?

I am not available in this forum continuously. Please DM for any help related to this plugin or Bubble.

Hello, how can i DM you?

I have the same problem as @shu.teopengco and @pipeleteli, that in mobile when i click an input on the same group as the Image Marker, the page atomatically refreshes, is there any updates on this problem?

Hi, I used the remote debugger for Android and found this error:

I suppose it can’t read the plugin for the ui mini, could you help us to look into it please?

Hi @aditya.rajak I would like to put a dynamic image as a marker as @aoreo , could you explain how to do it please ?

Hi @KE-diY, I am not active here in this forum due to some other priority work. I am also unable to update/upgrade this plugin’s features and bugs.
I hope somebody else who is already using this plugin can help you or you can follow the instructions to use this plugin in the detail section.

I hope you have solved this issue.