Image Parallax effect works but... only with html image

Hay guys - strange issues where I can get parallax effects to work if I use html and add a class or an ID.

However when I add and ID or a class (using classify) the effect doesn’t apply… any ideas?

I am using this library: simpleParallax.js - a JavaScript library for parallax effects

all installed and working in the header Settings > SEO/Metatags - Scripts/meta tags in header.

On page load it runs javascript:


Top HTML image with class - WORKS

Bottom Bubble element with Classify class inserted - NOT WORKING

example of this working on the html image (top) but not on the Bubble image element below (bottom image).

See link:

– Ive tried just with an ID using “getElementById” to no avail.


I’ve never used that plugin, but curious why not use the built in parallax feature that bubble has?

I didn’t realise there was one… can you point me in the right direction so I can look. :slight_smile:

But I do still want to understand why this wouldn’t work, as I feel it should :slight_smile:

I use the free css plugin from zeroqode, easy and reliable. I haven’t touched the classify one.

The parallax is available on the page with the background set to image. Out I believe in a group with the same settings but I don’t recall on the top of my head and am not near my computer.

tried the css plugin and had the same issues.
The parallax effect is for the page only and not for applying effects to individual element unfortunately … So I will keep trying to find a solution.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile: