Keep background image stationary no matter scroll position

Hello everyone! I am looking for some help with the look of my app. Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I am trying to make an application in which the background stays still no matter the scroll position of the image. I am looking for this because the image I am using is only 1920x1080 and when I scroll down there is just black white space…

If there is any way to get this effect, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!

There’s probably a few ways you could do this, how are you setting the image? Is it on a group? In an HTML element? or Index page perhaps (or some other page)?

I did the following on my Index page which seems to make it static. I don’t think I’ve got any hidden JavaScript going on!

Well, right now, I have it on the page background it’s self.image

Can you see this option… the Parallax effect

You could use the floating group method, although its probably not as easy to maintain as the page background image, as its easy to drop elements inside the floating group, but here is the setup:

Note: The floating group is the same height as the page, so it covers all boundaries. Elements are outside of the floating group container.

Hello all! Thank you for the help! I have figured out how to do it with the parallax effect. I was just not setting it to full value so it was slightly moving with it. But… I do have one issue. How can I achieve this on Mobile as well, because the parallax effect is for desktop only?

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Could you elaborate on how you achieved this with screenshots? Thanks.