Image Similarity Search πŸͺ„

Hey bubblers :wave:!

Check out the latest feature on Image Embeddings! This exciting addition complements our existing suite of powerful AI tools, all available via REST API endpoints as well as wrapped up in our mighty bubble plugin :fire:

Some exciting use cases include:
:art: Supercharge your design projects with visually-similar image recommendations.
:shopping: Craft personalized shopping experiences using product images tailored to individual preferences.
:national_park: Streamline content management by automatically categorizing and tagging images.
:mag: Enhance image-based search and retrieval for your users.

Don’t forget our other features:
:white_check_mark: AI fine-tuning
:white_check_mark: Semantic text search
:white_check_mark: Custom chatbot (coming :soon:)

:clapper: Demo editor:
:books: API reference: | API Reference
:electric_plug: Bubble plugin: - Composable AI Plugin | Bubble

We can’t wait to see the incredible projects you’ll create using our powerful AI tools. :tada:

Stay awesome :raised_hands:

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