Open AI Image analysis

Plugin allows to analyse analyse any uploaded image using Open-Ai API.
Unlock the power of advanced AI with our Image Analysis Plugin, seamlessly integrated with OpenAI’s cutting-edge API. This intuitive plugin is designed for users who seek a deeper understanding of the visual content they encounter. Whether you’re a developer, researcher, or just curious about image analytics, our tool offers a comprehensive solution.

Instructions :

  1. Get open ai api keys here -

  2. Enter the api keys as : Bearer “api-key”

  3. Create any image upload if you want to upload any image

  4. Get the Url of the image uploaded on S3 in the image-url

  5. Enter any text instructions that you want to instructions variable . It can be anything like what is in the image , can you identify the text in the image etc .

Applications :

  1. Automated Content Moderation: Developers can integrate the plugin into social media platforms, forums, or online communities for real-time image moderation, identifying and filtering out inappropriate content based on predefined criteria.
  2. Enhanced User Experience in Apps: Implement the plugin to analyze user-uploaded photos in travel, food, or lifestyle apps, providing instant insights, recommendations, or categorizations to enhance user engagement.
    3.Educational Tools: Students and researchers can use the plugin to analyze historical images, art, or scientific diagrams, gaining deeper insights into their studies with enriched contextual information.
  3. Creative Inspiration: Artists and designers can use the plugin to analyze trends in colors, compositions, or styles within a database of images, sparking new ideas for their work.
  4. Market Research: Businesses can analyze consumer-generated images on social media to understand trends, preferences, and perceptions about their brand or products, aiding in market analysis and strategy development.

By tapping into the diverse applications of your AI-Powered Image Analysis Plugin, developers, individual users, enterprises, and specialists can harness the power of AI to innovate, streamline operations, and gain deeper insights into their respective fields.–gpt—image-analysis-1706722481157x277775174309511170

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