Image uploader input design style and best practices

Hey Bubblers!

I’m trying to create an image input field that matches my design and I may be thinking about this all wrong - would love the community input here.

Below is my design

1st Question
I tried to recreate this design as the actual input field or button from the native bubble image input. I made the background an image with the icon that I had, but this stretches this across the entire demensions of the input. :thinking:

Here is what it looks like in the styles section

2nd Question

I’m building a native app with BDK wrapper. Users can upload images to their profile (much like a dating app of sorts). I imagine these are GIANT files that I want to restrict or compress to optimize performance. As many users will be using this app. Is there a better solution or has anyone figure out a way of optimizing here? Any insights or considerations would be appreciated!