Image URL is returning as a base64

When I grab the image URLs in my app, they return as base64 instead of a URL. This might be because I’m using a compressor plugin.

Either way, no matter what I do I can’t get it to save to S3 and give me an actual URL.

If an image is saved as base64, how do you upload it and get a URL?

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@giosegar I’m struggling with same problem. Did you figure it out?

I don’t remember what I did—I think I actually stopped trying to fix this because I couldn’t get an image to send in Sendgrid.

But you might want to try a workflow where you do:

Make changes to thing… Image = This thing’s image: saved to S3

I just found and started using the free Croppie plugin. I wish I had found it earlier! Thanks anyway

I just added that functionality to this plugin:

Use the base64 upload action - it adds the file to your Data->File Manager and also returns a URL for the file in the element’s state.