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ImagePro Image Tools - New Plugin from Gimazu

Hi @greg18
this functionality is not currently provided by the plugin. In the next few days I will check the feasibility.
Best regards

Thanks @gm.zumbo but I found the functionality to cut a circular png with the Image Cropper plugin

Hi @gm.zumbo

How do you clear an image from the loader? I have tried everything I can think of such as placing it into a group and resetting the group data via a workflow (always works for bubble input elements) and looked for an action from the plugin to clear the value but I don’t see any way to clear it.

I have tried every other croppie plugin on the marketplace and none of them work to clear the crop either and was very excited about your plugin.

Really need to be able to clear the image loaded so that when my popup element (where cropping happens) the loader is cleared and the user can click element to show popup again with a fresh popup (all loaders and croppers cleared).

Is it possible to get a clear loader action so it would function like a Bubble uploader element and be able to be cleared out?

hi @boston85719,
Loader element supports bubble standard input reset workflow “Reset group” or “Reset relevant inputs”.
So, if Loader is in a Group, you can run “Reset group” (Reset data) workflow to reset loader.
I have released a new version that includes this functionality for the cropper element as well.
Check if it fits your needs

Thank you for the quick fix. The workflow to reset a group works now.


I am experiencing a bug with the cropper. When I use the workflow action to rotate after using the workflows to flip horizontal or vertical, the rotate workflow action will cause the image to move off the canvas. I don’t think it happens every single time, as I believe it is dependent on the image dimensions perhaps, but have experienced it with several images.

hi @boston85719,
I am not experiencing this problem in my test app using some test images.
ImagePro Test App
Maybe it also depends on the view mode set.
Send me the image in pm so I can do some test

Thank you for the help and the suggestion on changing the view mode to 2. That has resolved the issue for me. Appreciate the quick support.

Does this plugin can reduce images inside RG? Like just set a minimum px for all images and just diplay them?

The plugin manipulates client-side images. So it doesn’t make sense to use it inside a RG due to excessive memory consumption. To get what you need you have to do the manipulation before saving each image.

@gm.zumbo I am noticing in my eyes strange behavior that I am unable to clarify. When cropping an image it is never the max size of the cropping workflow. So suppose I have a max of 1000 width and height set, it will return a 750px image. When I set it to max 500px width/height it returns a 375px image. What can I be doing wrong? I tested some various max width/height and it seems to be exactly 1/3 difference. So if you want to have a cropped image of 500x500 image you should set the max width and height on 500x1.333=666,50.

In addition, what does those max width/height px do anyway in the cropping workflow. Suppose I have a picture of 1000 width and 2000 height. I now have cropped that image to 1000 width and 1000 height. Meaning I have cutoff 1000 px of the height. Now the cropping workflow is getting that cropped image (get crop imagePro step) and process it. In that step (Get Crop ImagePro) you can define the max width and height. My picture is cropped out of a 1000x2000 image to a 1000x1000 square image. If I set Get Crop ImagePro to max 1000 width and 800 height, what will happen? Is 200px of height cutoff?
And what if the cropped image is 1000x1000 and I have set max width to 500x500. Is this workflow step resizing the image from 1000x1000 to 500x500?

In additon, If I want to reduce the image before cropping. So suppose the image is 1000x2000 but I do not need more than 500x1000 for cropping purposes. So in that case when ImagePro loader has an image loaded I want to show the popup where the user can crop. But this image should be first resized to 500x1000. How to do this?

Too complicated to explain! :wink:
I released a new version with new options to size cropper output

Just updated but now I am lost completely :sweat_smile:. So now there is max and min height/width and also height/width. What are all these settings for? What do they do? Apart from what they do, it also likes that its not cropping only but also resizing. Whey would you else have max/min height/width etc?

And what about the 1/3 difference? Is that difficult to explain but expected and normal behavior?

You can set the width and height and set all other options to 0 if you want to set a precise output size (compatibly with a certain aspect ratio).
If you have other needs, send me a PM

So does this mean that cropping also resizes the image? I mean, suppose I have a 1000x2000 image and I drage a box on half of that image the cropped image would be 1000x1000. Setting a width and height while cropping feels counterintiutive to me. Or does it mean that after cropping it checks if the image is in between the set boundaries and if not it resize the image as well?

Yes, Cropper resizes output

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Does it need the resizer element on the page to be able to do so or not? If not, I can remove the resize element from the page and handle the resizing with the cropping workflow.

Reducer element reduce original image size in a very efficient way. It operates on the whole image. Cropper element crop a portion of the image.
Using the Reducer before each subsequent manipulation is always a good rule, but it’s not mandatory. If you use the Reducer obviously you will have to set the max size option with a value definitely greater than the size of the crop you want to obtain otherwise the quality will be low

Thanks for your swift reply!

How can I use the resizer before Cropping? At this moment the UX is such that the user press an empty image space which will trigger the loader. A picture is loaded and as soon as the loader image is loaded it triggers a popup where I allow the user to crop the image.

Resize needs to happen between image loaded in loader and allow the user to crop. How to do this? And how to make sure that resize is done before the user can crop?

You can do as I described in the forum