[New Plugin] 🖼 TUI - Image Editor by EzCode

Hi no-coders !
We’ve launched our new plugin
tui_imgeditor TUI - Image Editor

Multifunctional image editor.
Crop, Flip, apply Filters, Draw. Add Shapes, text, icons etc.
Full control from workflow or use predefined UI for desktop and mobile.

Demo gifs:

Default UI


Mobile UI


Custom workflow controlled


Photo manipulation:

Crop, Flip, Rotation, Drawing, Shape, Icon, Text, Mask Filter, Image Filter

Integration actions:

Download, Image Load, Undo, Redo, Reset, Delete Object(Shape, Line, Mask Image…)

Powerful filter function:

Grayscale, Invert, Sepia, Blur Sharpen, Emboss, RemoveWhite, Brightness, Noise, Pixelate, Tint, Multiply, Blend

Nice default & Fully customisable Themes

  • Has a white and black theme.
  • Mobile theme
  • Custom, all functions can be controlled from workflow so that you can create your own instead of the built-in.


Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/tui_image_editor

Editor Demo: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=tui_image_editor&version=live&id=ezcodepluginsdemo&test_plugin

Plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/tui—image-editor-1592309253971x195314233023397900

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Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas

Regards Andrew from EzCode Team .


Nice job - this is really comprehensive and feature packed.

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Great !

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Update v.1.1.0

New action - Upload to DB
New state - Uploaded thing ID
New event - File uploaded.

You can now upload the edited image directly to the database

Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 16.59.22

New feature is available for default and custom mode, for mobile mode it’s coming in the next update.

Great plugin , I am facing these 2 issues :

  • when i try to add new image with large dimensions using [ Add image object ] button , it doesn’t fit with the original image and i need to move the image alot to find the scaling dots to resize it , is there any way to make the image fit or display with full size

  • The same previous point but from different perspective : let’s say i made " TUI-ImageEditorcustom A " element with " 500*500 " dimensions then i add image with 5000 * 5000 ,the image display with full size, but the text display very small and related to 500 * 500 !

please check it and let me know if it is possible to enhance it , Looking Forward to hear from you
Best Wishes

Hi, thanks for reaching out
About the first issue with image object, we will see if there is something that we can do with that and will be back asap.

About the text size, you could always increase the text font size, by default it is 20px, we can’t make it dynamically as it would increase the processing time and then the plugin will become unusable.

Regards, Andrew from EzCode team.

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Update v.1.2

New feature and state for custom mode:

  • Fit image object in canvas
  • Image Object Is Processing (Yes/No)

To use this, enable it in the action add image object.
If the the image sizes is bigger than the working area, it will be resized to fit in. This process may take longer time to finish so make sure the user clicked only once, use the state “Image object is processing Yes/No”.
The image file will be resized and reuploaded to your app!

This update was made to fix this issue, please update and make a try :wink:


Thanks for an amazing plugin! The image editing functionality is great. Are you planning to add image enhancement filters like saturation, vibrance, exposure to the plugin?

E.g. similar to the vibrance filter here:

That’s a basic filtering functionality that would be essential for quick image enhancement.


Hi, thanks!
We’ll consider this to add in the future updates.
Regards, Andrew


I’m searching for a plugin to replace my use of the free croppie plugin.

I have a couple concerns about this plugin, specific to my use case.

Does it allow for set crop area? So that I can force a user to crop their image based on the image ratio I set for them?


Hi, sorry for late response,
Yes you can crop an image, please take a look in our demo page, you can use it in default mode or custom mode.

If you want to force a user to use given ration, then it is not possible atm but this feature will be available in future updates as we are currently working on it.

Thanks for the info…if you happen to remember when you push the update that allows the user to be forced to use a given ratio, please ping me in the update announcement as I will make the switch from my current plugin at that time

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I’m getting the following error when using the action Upload to DB:

The plugin TUI - Image Editor / action Upload to DB a TUI - ImageEditor custom threw the following error: anonymous@PLUGIN_TUI—Image-Editor-element_action–TUI—ImageEditor-custom-Upload-to-DB-.js:15:23
E@https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/d701ee3848f66c21ba3a67afb7ae598fb815e7154b0485337469dc766554729f/xfalse/x9:14:506504 (please report this to the plugin author)

Most likely you didn’t gave access to edit your database via API.
To do it, go to your app Settings->API
And set the checkbox to true for database that you are using,

Also, in the database you have to set Privacy Rules for this DataBase.
Modify and Create via API must be checked


If you still have troubles to use it, please contact us via PM and we’ll try to help you.

Regards, Andrew

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Thanks Andrew. Sent you a PM with screenshots

Update v.1.3

  • New action for custom mode: Set Crop Area (Aspect Ratio)


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Just can’t try upload to DB out, already set API settings…
would you please help me out?

Yeah sure, do you get any errors? Write us in PM and we’ll try to help you.

Already PM you、please check for me!

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problem solved , thanks!

may I ask for an extra attribute , which can get the plugin’s image load : is empty , is not empty or the img url?
so that I can do further control like I don’t allow user to undo the image load in the background…

Thank you very much!