Images not displayed in chrome

Good morning,

I have been using images as a background-image in a repeating group.
It works perfectly on firefox and safari, but on chrome images are not displayed.

The thing is that images I am trying to display are served by http protocol and not https. I have read that chrome now blocks images that are not in https mode. (or tries to convert, but the result is the same).

I have tried several things like using html element then use css etc, but none of them are working.

Has anyone ever faced this issue ? Do you know how to solve it ?

Have a nice day

Be sure to use HTTPS in image url. It’s probably a CORS issue.

Can you share a url example

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, I have to use these http image, it comes from an external api.

I cannot share the page link, but find below an example :

image url :

The issue is related to http. Chrome will not accept that you call and HTTP from HTTPS url. You will need to find if the API offer a secure url that you can call using HTTPS. In some case, it’s not enough to just add https, the secure url is on another or sub domain.
You can try maybe to create an API Call GET set to type “image” in API Connector with [url] in url and put the Image URL there. Bubble will load a version of the file on the Bubble storage. You can add a process to delete the file later.

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