Urgent! - The image could not be loaded


I am experiencing this error message on the image URLs I’m trying to upload dynamically!
The image could not be loaded

It stops the whole operation please help! @eve

Hey there @tomerlan5,

Do you have an example of this behavior? Moreover, have you submitted a bug report to the Bubble Success Team?

Yea I filed a bug report
I have an external URL that I can access directly from my browser.
I can when I feed the image directly from an input it works also.
Even when u feed a link with the url as an external url it opens it correctly, just when i feed it as an input to an image it says forbidden access.

Hmm… and this isn’t an image you uploaded to AWS?

I asked because I thought it might be related to this thread in someway:

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Do you have the url?
A good example:
If your file url is HTTP, it will not load in the app that is on HTTPS.

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my file is indeed an http, so how can i workaround that?

Try to use https to access file in browser. If yes, you can use find & replace in image url

When i upload the file and inspect the page on which the bug occurs, bubble tries to access it with a https address regardless of what i input as a url (http i mean). Im still stuck with this.
Jici im not sure i understood your suggestion.

Possible to put your app in Public view mode?

No, I can’t for privacy reasons. Any ideas? im not sure i understood your last suggestion

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