Imgix in repeating group showing only first and last image. Missing img src


I came across strange behavior of imgix in repeating group. I do have user images displayed in repeating group and each processed with imgix. Nothing fancy. Its a just 8 different images.
While it works without imgix, with imgx I see only first and last image. When I checked rows without image, they miss image src.

Anyone has idea what can I improve? I’m on legacy personal plan.

I had jp and then I tried png with imgix and still same result.

Thank you!


Hey @nagy.pavol,

Just to double check, everyone in the RG has a profile picture set?

Hi @johnny,

yes. When I did the same without IMGIX, I seen all pictures right there.


Hmm, what if you change the file format to default? I’d play around with the settings

@johnny you were right I should check that first without looking elsewhere. Issue was that I used wrong image. Instead of featured photo which I made mandatory, I used here by mistake different picture. Now its working. Thank you for help

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No problem!

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