Image Issues in iOS? Images in repeating group disappear after scrolling

Hi All,
I see the Imgix issue from last week has been marked as ‘resolved’… but I’m still experiencing an irritating image bug that I cannot seem to track down:

It happens only on mobile devices (I think). My mac runs that page just fine on Chrome.

I have a simple online shop with only about 30 items. On page load, the Store-Items are searched for and set into a Custom State, then that list is used as the data source for my Repeating Group (Store).
Each Store Item in the RG has one image to use as a thumbnail, and a short description text.
The images all load just fine at first. And I can (mostly) scroll down the RG and see all the item thumbnails once with no problem.

BUT-- When I scroll back UP this list… they all vanish!
Gone. Disappeared until I reload the page, or, occasionally I can get a few to reappear by zooming in/out on the page with a pinch.
(Just the images-- the RG Items and text are still intact. )

Note: at first, I hadn’t resized the pics on upload. I thought-- aha! that’s my problem. So I re-sized to 800x600 (ish; some differ slightly in proportions) and re-uploaded each of the images.
And still this persists. That size shouldn’t be an issue… right?

I’ve tried both stretch and rescale options… a few different data load methods… I’m at a loss here.
Most of my hopeful customers are browsing from their mobile, and the store looks desolate without the thumbnail images!

The site is: if anyone wants to test on their phone and see if it’s happening on your end?

Any ideas? Thanks a million if you can help!


It does not seem to be an Imgix issue to me. I see the problem under iOS only - both Chrome and Safari. I don’t have an actual Android device, but it also works fine in an Android emulator.

Okay, that is interesting insight. It’s true that I’ve only tested it with a couple different iphones… no androids. I’m not yet sure where to turn with this new information you’ve shared, but I will edit the headline and hopefully someone smarter than me will find it useful.
Thank you for checking it out and reporting!

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