Implement Cloudinary upload widget on page in Bubble app


It took me a long time, but I figured out how to install the Cloudinary upload widget in my Bubble widget. However, the progress bar shown within the widget is not displayed leading me and Cloudinary support to believe there is an issue with implementation.

I need someone familiar with javascript to help me implement or fix my attempt. It’s important to note this should be embedded within a page (and not shown after a button is clicked)

I imagine it’s a very quick job for someone else.

If you’re interested, please…

  1. make sure you’re comfortable with javascript
  2. Scan the documentation: Upload Widget | Cloudinary
  3. If you think it’s possible, send me a private message

Have you tried adding an event listener for page load instead of on click.

Didn’t get a change to read through the supporting documentation but it’s loading in my test application.

Append the end of the code with the below while removing the document.getElementById. from the start.

Also make sure you are displaying it as an IFrame.

window.addEventListener("load", function(){;

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

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Hey @burnsadam123 - going to quickly DM you to share a little more, if you don’t mind!

Still hoping to get help here. Haven’t found anyone yet. Thanks!

nevermind. Found someone to help.

Hi @alex.pethick would you mind sharing how you’ve done it? I can’t get the widget to open when I click the button. Thanks!

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você conseguiu? compartilha com a gente. grato!