(implemented)Dynamically Select Stripe Subscription

For the services I offer, we have a total of 6 different subscriptions.

My users purchase from a repeating group that dynamically brings up purchase options based on input
My issue is that I currently have to have a different workflow set for every subscription such as the one below:

When Store Config = “1X Plan” name, then subscribe user to “1X Plan”
Because I have to manually select the correct plan in the workflow, I have 6 different workflows like this. If i could do a search and dynamically match the stripe subscription, I would only need one. So it would just be

When buy button is pressed superscribe user to {Do a search for config:first item}.

Could this be implemented or is there a better way to go about this?

Right now there isn’t a better way but I’ll put that on our list. Can’t commit on a timeline though, but should be in July.

Okay, Thanks! @emmanuel

We just added this to stripe and braintree.


Awesome! thankyou!

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