Stripe subscription based on radio button selection

I feel like this should be pretty simple and I’m probably going to kick myself but I just can’t get this figured out.
I have monthly and yearly plan options and I want to use a radio button for them to select the option, then when they click the upgrade button, it goes to the stripe plan payment screen based on the radio button.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

To understand your question a bit more, what is the problem? To get the state out of the radio button or the submitting to stripe?

Yes, I can’t figure out how to set the state for each radio option (monthly and yearly) and link it to the stripe price id. I assume that would be the best way, correct?

I don’t know how stripe works.

But for radio buttons, I would create option sets for the choices. In a workflow, you can then check if radioButton's value is myOption1 and behave accordingly.

Dont really know if thats your struggle

I actually was able to figure it out by making the radio buttons dynamic based on the plans available (at first I just figured I’d do static since it was just Monthly/Yearly), when I created the workflow, it let me select the radio buttons plan stripe id.

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