Implementing an Instagram-like stories system : struggles with showing the stories that haven't been seen but still having those that have been seen at reach

Hello I am trying to implement a stories feature just like Instagram.

I created a type “Story” and I managed to build something that allows you to seen all the recent stories someone has posted.
However, this feature does not yet take into account if you have already seen a story : if you have already seen a story, then you should immediately be shown the stories you have not seen (but, and this is important and this is what blocks me, you should still be able to go back and see the ones you have already seen)

I have no ideas how to do it, I tried different things such as yes/no fields but I don’t manage to do so.
Does anyone have an idea ?

Use the event “do every X seconds” so that when someone views the story … this event can trigger an action to indicate so in your data type

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great answer thank you I will test this out!

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