Help- How to hide posts that have already been viewed by a current user?

Hello, I am currently building a news app… kinda like Instagram but for news specifically but I can’t figure out how to sort out the news feed correctly.

I used the date/time event but again it has some drawbacks-

  1. the same news will be shown at the top of the user’s feed until any new news is added and the user will have to scroll down again to read the news they missed.
  2. there might be some old news that the user hasn’t read yet but wants to.

so instead I want to display the news that hasn’t been viewed by the current user at the top of his feed and hide the viewed ones or show them at the bottom.
but I am unable to do so… Any help regarding this would be welcomed. Thanks

What I would do, I would make a new field in the news data and I call it " read by?" and make it list of users.
Then I set up an action everytime a user click on news to edit this field and add their email.

Then when I show the news I filter by field “read by” doesn’t include “current user”

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thanks i too thought of the same but what i want is to count the views without the user clicking on it since i’m making a tiktok/reels for news in which the news is summarised into 1 paragraph and so does not need to be clicked? if that makes sense. is that possible ?? if not, your method will also work

You can do it on a page loaded event. Or on a page event when the repeating group is shown.

Kick off a backend workflow (probably best) that takes all the news items in the repeating group (so everything that has just been shown to the user) and do the “read by” update.

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