Implementing passport-js auth in bubble

I am exploring how to implement lnurl-auth in bubble. It is a bit of niche auth and doesn’t have readymade plugins or API solutions.

There is a good implementation of lnurl-auth as a passport strategy - passport-lnurl-auth - npm. I spun it as a standalone app and was able to modify it to meet my needs.

I am not sure whether it is possible to implement this in bubble (say as a plugin with server side code or any other way). Passport is very closely coupled with the express server. Is it possible to implement js code in bubble which requires a node server?

Sorry, if the question isn’t phrased well. I am new to JS. If I can’t implement this in bubble, then I guess the next approach would be to create a standalone app and integrate via APIs?

If there are any examples I could look at, that would be awesome. Thanks heaps.

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