Auth0 authentication?

I’ve seen people asking about it about two years ago, back then it wasn’t possible to authenticate with auth0, is it possible today?

I’d appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Yes, both ways.

I appreciate your answer.

Do you mind sharing shortly how can it be done? With Oauth user flow?

I will really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Which way round ? Do you want to use an OAUTH2 provider to authenticate in bubble. Or something else to use Bubble to authenticate ?

I’d like to use an Oauth2 provider to authenticate in bubble :slight_smile:

Hey @NigelG, sorry for asking again :slight_smile: Do i treat bubble as a single page app?
I’ve set up a user flow api and it fails because it is missing an ID.

What do you want to do ?

Have a single OAUTH signon (so just your app) or do you want people to authorise themselves via your app with the Third Party OAUTH ?

Thank your for replying!
Maybe i wan’t clear enough, i’m sorry, English is not my first language :sweat_smile:

I have another app which is the resource server. (not bubble) Users can only register on this main app.

I want users to authorize themselves with auth0 to my bubble app and add a SSO from the first web app. just like they have in this animation:

(There are no third party oauth2 providers like facebook, twitter, etc… just the two apps and auth0)

Is it possible? I went on and searched but couldn’t tell how can i implement my bubble app as a client. maybe using JS?

Sorry, it was my fault for reading the title incorrectly. Auth0 rather than OAuth.

Will have a look today for you.

First off you are going to have to download Postman.

And then install the Auth0 collection …

This is the best way to test how it works before moving onto Bubble.


Thanks Nigel, i would look to at it as well, if i will find out how to do it, i will share it with the rest of the forum :slight_smile:

It should not be a problem, you just need to fill in the relevant bits in the Bubble Oauth settings from Auth0. It just takes a bit of working out sometimes.

@Bubbler Did you ever find information on how to make your Bubble app use Auth0? I’ve tried the only Auth0 plugin I found, but haven’t been able to get it to work with Auth0 as the identity provider. While the developer is eager to help, he is currently unable to work on it. So, I’m investigating whether or not it can be accomplished without the use of a plugin.

Hey, not sure if thats possible since Bubble doesn’t expose oauth last time i checked. I think it was on their roadmap.

I don’t really use bubble that much anymore for projects like that, so i can’t really help with it, sorry.