Import Figma to bubble : What about button, input etc?

Hi everyone,

I read it was possible to import figma to bubble. Is it easy to do ? and what are the limitations ?

Do The “fake” buttons on figma become a button element on bubble ?

What about the inputs and the repeating group ?
and if we design the responsive group on figma does it parameter on Bubble ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @thomascope

It is actually very tricky to do it. You have to design in Figma in a way that avoids this:

Hi man,

Thank you for sharing!
3 years later Isn’t it still not improved ?

So if I understand the advice, we use FIGMA for the deisgn and create fastly the link between the pages and elements, and to get an overview.
AND we create again on Bubble but fastly because we have a template on FIGMA in the other sreen, right ?
BUT I guess it will be uglier on Bubble no?

Thank you

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No changes to it as it is how things need to work. Not sure exactly how to work things out in Figma. @gregjohnkeegan from Buildcamp could chip in some guidance on this.

In all, my take is that you can go ahead and design in Figma and manually build it in Bubble. If you are very experienced with Bubble you may even bypass Figma … but … you have to be super experienced to do this well.

Thank you so much !
I will follow your advice and I already start my Design on figma !

Thanks :ok_hand:t4:

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