Import Option set using csv - is it possible?

Hello. I would like to import aroun 1000 categories to option sets (as they run much faster then db).
But as I can see there is no way to do it (no option, nor plugin).
Can you see any way to do it ?

I you have to import a CSV for an option set then your using it wrong. Option Sets are a Powerful feature but if not used properly it can have negative effects on you apps performance

Ok then. Let’s assume that I have around 1000 categories. Should I use db instead? How to design an app to not to ask db everytime for a list of categories ? What is the best practice here ?

In my experience, it’s not a simple yes/no answer. It depends on how you are using and showing the categories, and weighing the advantages/disadvantages of either approach. There are some good forum posts and resources that go into all the ins and outs.

In general, as your option set gets larger, it gets harder to manage. But there are advantages to option sets, which may outweigh the downsides. My largest option set is around 400, but I’m keeping it because of the advantages.

Yes you should. What most people don’t understand is that option Sets are always loaded with the app. So imagine loading 1000 option entries Everytime someone loads a page. While a DB can query and load what’s needed only